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SummersWorks was founded in 2009 primarily to serve small to mid-sized businesses owners who needed to create (or update) a website without the expense and logistic hurdles traditionally associated with doing so.  At that time, a website usually required a designer, a developer, a photographer and a copywriter. Agencies could be crushingly expensive. Once the website was completed, simple additions or revisions were often time consuming and costly. 


We wanted to change that paradigm. We wanted to create websites for businesses of every size that could then be edited, modified and managed quickly and cost-effectively. We wanted to offer a personalized, single source, turn-key solution. Most importantly, we wanted to create websites, irrespective of the size or budget of the client, that were visually striking. Project or agency size should not dictate the quality of the work.


After experimenting with different platforms, we settled on WIX (which was then in beta-testing). WIX is a cloud-based website development platform that eliminates the need to code (although advanced elements that require coding can be and often are integrated into WIX sites). This platform allowed us to create scalable websites with sophisticated functionality for clients of every size. For our clients, a major benefit was the ability to make simple edits to their sites once the site was completed (should they elect to do so). Historically, clients were beholden to the agency or individual that created their website. That is not the case with the sites we create.


That said, irrespective of the platform, effective web design is a craft. SummersWorks is a WIX certified professional designer. We were one of the original members of the WIX Arena (now the WIX Marketplace) where customers sought out designers for their website projects and those customers were forwarded to select designers. One of our sites was a "featured website" for some time.


Although website design is our primary focus, we are a full-service communications firm. Please visit our services for an overview of the different services we provide. Please visit our process to better understand how we work. Please visit our gallery to view some of our work.


If you're curious about the Summers behind the works, meet our founder. Because we've been doing this for some time, we've also taken the time to answer a few frequently asked questions.

Think we could work together? Please feel free to contact us anytime.



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