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We pride ourselves, first and foremost, on meticulous attention to detail. Website design is a skilled and nuanced craft. Even a "simple" website consists of hundreds of individual elements; many of which may render differently depending on whether your site is viewed from a phone, tablet or desktop. Far too many websites have broken and misaligned elements. Your site might look wonderful on a new full screen iMac but terrible on an android phone. Conscientious attention to detail absolutely matters. Because it's not just a website, it's your business. You only have one opportunity to make a first impression. 


Consequently, we do not focus on speed or on the number of projects we crank out in a year. We are not a volume practice and do not aspire to be. Although we have an option for almost every budget, we do not do "cheap" websites. We have grown incrementally and deliberately over the years, almost exclusively through word of mouth, because every client deserves and receives our very best effort.

Our process begins with a simple conversation. What are you trying to do? Are we creating a new website or modifying an existing website? Do you have content or do we need to create the content for you? Who are your competitors? Is there another company or individual in your industry whose work and/or style you admire?


As we create websites, we become de facto subject matter experts. We take the time to understand the marketplace and your business. Then we take it one step further. We ask you to consider at the outset...what will happen once we are done with your website? What support will you need? How can you use your website and other digital and multimedia tools to grow your business?

After our initial consultation, we will submit a formal, written proposal. Everything we do will be memorialized in writing.


If we decide to work together, one-third of the project price is due upon contract execution. Another one-third will be due once your website theme (home page, subpage, color palette, font and design) is completed. The final one-third is due when the website is completed.


Once your website is completed, we offer a number of website maintenance packages so you can focus on building your business rather than your website. We can also assist with email campaigns, authoring or editing a blog, and social media marketing.  

Please note: we only build, edit and/or host WIX websites at this time. If you must use a different platform, that would be out of scope. However, we are confident that we can design and build a website with all the built in functionality you need using our platform. Need an e-commerce store? We can do that. Does your site have to integrate with an external customer management system? We can do that. Need a members only or subscription-based website? Check. If something truly is beyond our scope, we will let you know at the outset.


This is only a very general overview. The service we provide is customized to the needs of each client. But in every case, our relationship begins by just talking. So let's talk!

We can be reached by telephone at (971) 312-6758, by email at or by using our contact form.

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