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Do you work with platforms other than WIX?


At present, we only work with and on the WIX platform. This was a deliberate decision. We believe the WIX platform offers two distinct advantages. First, we can create sites with all the built in functionality required by most small to mid-sized businesses because of our extensive experience with this platform. Second, our clients can, if they so choose, make simple changes and edits once their site is complete. This, in our view, is a game changer. Your website is not dependent (or in some cases held hostage) by your agency or developer. 

What happens once my website is complete?

Once your website is done, the next step is to choose a hosting plan. (Please note: WIX sites must be hosted on servers). The amount of the hosting plan will depend on the size and type of website and whether you choose a monthly, annual or multi-year plan.


Once your site is complete, we also offer all of our clients various maintenance plans. If you think you have the time to dedicate to maintaining your website (both desktop and mobile), then we will go through a website review upon completion and show you how to make basic edits. However, we advise all of our client's that even "simple" edits can wreck the format of your site if you're not careful or fail to check how these changes are rendering on different platforms. One of the most difficult parts of our job is revisiting sites that were completed and turned over to clients some time ago, but have not been maintained. What we've learned is that in many instances, clients may not even aware of the issues with their sites...because they haven't looked. Business owners are busy running their business.  Consequently, we strongly urge, but do not require, our clients to consider a maintenance plan. It is a relatively modest investment, especially when you consider how important a fully functioning website is in today's marketplace.   


Wordpress vs. WIX? 


Ah....the 24 million dollar question.


This may be the question we've had to address far more than any other.

Candid answer.


When we first started working with WIX in 2009, there were limits to the platform. That is not the case today. Today, we can build WIX sites with all the functionality required by our clients (including elements that require code) with one added benefit. Clients can (if they choose) make simple edits. We have, over the years, rebuilt numerous Wordpress sites for this very reason. Clients were frustrated by the time or difficultly making simple changes or by having to rely on (or wait for) the person or agency that built their site. There were other issues that came up with some regularity as well, including the requirement to continually monitor updates and the number of plug-ins and add-ons necessary to keep the site up to date.


Bottom line. If you prefer Wordpress, use Wordpress. We believe the WIX platform offers the best combination of flexibility and functionality. That said, if we think, given the needs of your site, that WIX would not be the right platform for you, we will tell you that at the outset. We are not going to take your money (or waste your time) if we know we can't do the job you expect us to do. 

Do you have a particular design aesthetic?

We do actually. The one thing we most often hear about our websites is that they're "very pretty." This is actually by design.


Eons and eons ago, long before the term "social media" was coined, many of my clients spent a lot of time (and a staggering amount of money) procuring the "right" office space. First impressions still largely depended on business cards and meetings in large, impressive conference rooms with spectacular views. If you were an "A-list" business you had to be in an "A" office building.

That paradigm has changed. 

Today, we increasingly do business with people we never meet in person. We rarely go "downtown" to the office. Generally, the first thing we do is go to Google and pull up a website. It is not an exaggeration to say that your website truly is your window to the world. It is your first chance, perhaps your only chance, to make a powerful first impression.


So bland, boring, cluttered....that doesn't work for us.  It shouldn't work for you. Investing in a great looking website now is like investing in "A" office space then....only far less expensive. So make the investment in an "A" website....hopefully with us...and let's make it stand out. Let's make it beautiful.  

Big Ten vs. Pac-12?

Please. No contest. Yes, I live in Oregon. I root for the Ducks and the Beavers. Go Blazers! Damian Lillard is a stud. But I'm a Big 10 man.  Go U Northwestern! Crash right through that line.....

Ok. That was corny. Sorry.

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