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​​There is an old adage, "a picture is worth a thousand words."  


We certainly believe this to be true in the case with video.


A simple video of only a few minutes can convey as much meaning as thousands of even the best written words.​ We have typically used video in one of three ways: (1) as an introduction to a website, (2) to elicit support for a cause or to educate and inform about a particular subject matter.


We now live in a multimedia age where there are so many ways to convey a message. Video (technically, slide shows with music) is certainly one of my favorite mediums. I hope you enjoy the following videos as much as we enjoyed creating them.


Image by Samuel Branch

What does it mean to be a "good" American?


For that matter, what do the words "liberty,' "justice," "freedom" and "patriot" truly mean?​​

Like so much in our country today, words which should be universally embraced and understood as representative of the soul of our democracy, have now become politicized and partisan. 

This video is featured on the Home page of the Liberty with Justice blog. It juxtaposes text from the preamble of the Constitution with specially curated images to provide one vision of what makes America truly great.  

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